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Walmart wants a veto in Arkansas and other headlines

Morning headlines: Walmart's CEO calls for Arkansas Gov to veto that state's version of a religious freedom bill, questions about 2016 hopefuls' campaign money.

Walmart calls on Arkansas governor to veto the just-passed "religious freedom" bill. (Arkansas Times)

A day after missing deadline, Iran nuclear talks resume. (AP)

Iraqi prime minister declares victory against ISIS in Tikrit. (Washington Post)

Watchdog groups say 2016 hopefuls are dodging campaign finance rules. (Wall Street Journal)

Secret, unlimited donations could boost a Jeb Bush run. (Washington Post)

Scott Walker, allergic to dogs, may run against political history. (New York Times)

After Christie's privatization, NJ Lottery missing targets. (AP)

Obama commutes sentences of 22 people in federal prison. (AP)

What a typhoon looks like from space. (@AstroSamantha)

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