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Virginia Republican eyes armed-teacher mandates

It seemed a little excessive this week when Virginia Gov.
Virginia Del. Bob Marshall (R)
Virginia Del. Bob Marshall (R)

It seemed a little excessive this week when Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) suggested school districts be allowed to arm teachers and administrators, so as to prevent future tragedies. What I didn't expect was for that to be the moderate position among prominent GOP officials in the commonwealth.

Del. Robert G. Marshall is proposing a bill that would require some teachers or other school staff to carry concealed weapons in schools.Marshall (R-Prince William) requested that the bill be drafted in response to the mass shooting last week at a Connecticut elementary school.... Marshall would not only allow staff with concealed handgun permits to carry them in schools, but require school districts to designate some staff members to do so. Those employees would have to be certified in gun safety and competence, Marshall said.

The staff attorney for the Virginia Division of Legislative Services was initially unsure that state lawmakers had the authority to mandate school officials carry firearms on school property, but the lawyer ultimately concluded such a move would be legal.

What a relief.

Here's a follow-up question for the right: school teachers shouldn't be required to join unions, but they should be forced to carry loaded firearms around children? Does that not seem odd to you?