Two 'significant incident reports' obtained exclusively by NBC News

NBC News obtained many "significant incident reports" that document dozens of accounts by migrant children held in a border detention facility in Yuma, Arizona.

Two of the reports featured on The Rachel Maddow Show Tuesday night are printed below.

The reports have been re-typed and reformatted from their original presentation but the language is verbatim. 

Report 1: Minor describes sexual assault by CBP official:

Date Reported To ORR: 6/5/2019

Time Reported To ORR: 11:45 AM

Description of Incident: (Full Description of Incident)

On 06/05/19 at 10:15am during a weekly update meeting CM had with minor, minor reported that on April 8, 2019 at approximately 9pm she was inspected by an DHS officer who was heavy set, tall and with a beard in front of many other immigrants (males, females, children). Minor reports officer asked her to lift her shirt up to bra line and then he put his hands inside her bra and touched her breast. Minor reported she felt embarrassed as the office was speaking in English to other officers and laughing. Minor also reported that another immigrant that was in the room made an inappropriate comment “como esta ensenando el ombliguito con tanto carino” which translates to “ how are you showing your bellybutton with so much care”. Minor then said he asked her to pull her pants down from her waist to verify she did not have other pants underneath; however, minor said he then pulled them down himself and touched her waist and pulled her underwear. Minor reported officer then asked her to spread her legs and arms and patted her down in a way that made her feel uncomfortable as she felt he groped her body, her breast and private parts as well. Minor reported he continued to laugh and speak in English with other officers during the entire process.

Was the UAC or Anyone Else Injured?: No

Staff Response and Intervention: This Case Manager provided empathetic listening and support as well as verbalized relief and sense of safety.

Follow-up and/or Resolution: This UC will be receiving individualized counseling as needed, as well as weekly group counseling. This Case Manager will continue providing support as needed and will communicate and coordinate with the assigned clinician to ensure the UC’s needs are being met.

Recommendations: Assigned clinician to follow up as needed.

Reported To State Licensing: No

Was the Incident Investigated: No


Report 2: Child describes retaliation by CBP:

Explain Not Applicable

DHS Facility/Custody: CBP

Date Reported To ORR: 6/18/2019

Time Reported To ORR: 2:30 PM

Description of Incident: (Full Description of Incident)

During the initial intake, the client disclosed that he was under DHS custody for more than 72 hours. Based on the clients NTA, it states that the minor entered the US on or about 6/17/2019. Note that the minor was referred on 6/8/2019 and he was then admitted to ORR custody on 6/17/2019. The client stated that during the time he was under DHS custody, he was treated well, was provided with food and water. Client stated that the water that he was given. Client stated that the water tasted like chlorine. Client disclosed that there were about 30 minor’s in the detention center as well. The other minor’s started to complain about the food and water that was been provided to them. Client stated that the minor’s started protesting about it and because of it, the officers took out all of the sleeping mats away. Client stated that during his time at the shelter, he was sleeping on the floor. The client disclosed that during his stay, he was given the opportunity to shower on the 10th day. The client disclosed that during his stay, the underpants were very dirty from his trip. He was unable to wash them and he decided to keep them on until he was then admitted to our program. Client stated that he never asked for clean undergarments. No physical, sexual, or verbal abuse was disclosed by the client. The client was apprehended in the State of AZ.

Was the UAC or Anyone Else Injured?: No

Staff Response and Intervention: CM listened to the client empathetically and reported it to the appropriate parties.

Follow-up and/or Resolution: CM reported it to the Office of Civil Right and Civil Liberties.

Recommendations: The clinician will follow up with any other disclosures.

Reported To State Licensing: No

Was the Incident Investigated? No