Tuesday's Mini-Report

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Today's edition of quick hits:
* Another school shooting: "A student opened fire Tuesday morning at a New Mexico middle school gym, seriously wounding two students, authorities said. State police said the shooter, a 12 year-old boy in the seventh grade, was in custody and was the only suspect."
* Breaking news out of Oklahoma: "U.S. Senior District Judge Terence Kern ruled Tuesday that Oklahoma's ban on marriage equality is unconstitutional. The ruling is stayed pending appeal, meaning marriages will not occur immediately in Oklahoma."
* Passive voice was clearly used: "New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie used his state of the state address on Tuesday to seize attention back from a scandal that has engulfed his administration and presidential ambitions. 'The last week has certainly tested this administration,' Christie said at the very beginning of his speech. 'Mistakes were clearly made.'"
* A big setback for Net Neutrality: "A federal appeals court on Tuesday threw out Federal Communications Commission rules that require Internet service providers to give all traffic equal access through their networks."
* A shutdown is highly unlikely: "This time, it looks like Congress will avoid a government shutdown without all the fuss. Current government funding is set to expire on January 15, but the House on Tuesday passed a three-day stopgap bill that will keep the government open through Saturday at midnight."
* Stop worrying about the deficit: "The federal government posted a budget surplus in December after mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac FMCC posted big payments to the Treasury, further narrowing the deficit in the first quarter of the fiscal year. Revenues outpaced spending by $53.22 billion in December, the first surplus for the month since the 2007 fiscal year and the biggest on record."
* Grimm's cause for alarm: "A Texas woman who was a friend of and fund-raiser for Representative Michael G. Grimm has been charged with illegally funneling more than $10,000 into his 2010 campaign, according to court papers and people with knowledge of the case. The charges suggest that a two-year-old federal investigation into his fund-raising is still active."
* Dear congressional Republicans, ACORN can't get federal funding if ACORN doesn't exist.
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