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Tuesday's Mini-Report, 8.25.15

Today's edition of quick hits.
Today's edition of quick hits:
* Another wild ride: "U.S. stocks closed lower, after a failed attempt to rally from the Dow's worst 3-day point decline in history, as investors lost confidence amid continued concerns about China and global growth."
* New Jersey: "A $225 million deal between Gov. Chris Christie's administration and Exxon Mobil over dozens of polluted sites and nearly 2,000 retail gas stations was approved by a New Jersey judge on Tuesday."
* Turkey: "Turkish and U.S. officials have concluded 'technical talks' over their cooperation on operations against the Islamic State group, Turkey's foreign minister said Tuesday."
* It's nearly a done deal: "The one member of the Senate Democratic leadership who had yet to announce a position on the Iran deal is supporting it. Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., said Tuesday in a statement provided to CQ Roll Call ahead of release that she would be joining with Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and Whip Richard J. Durbin of Illinois in lining up in favor of the international agreement regarding Iran's nuclear development."
* Some of our closest allies have no idea what Republicans are complaining about: "Given the sound, fury and millions of dollars swirling around the debate in Washington over the Iranian nuclear deal, the silence in Europe is striking. It's particularly noticeable in Britain, France and Germany, which were among the seven countries that signed the deal on July 14."
* What will the far-right say about this? "People living in the United States illegally have a constitutional right to bear arms but are still barred from doing so by a separate law, a federal appeals court ruled."
* An Ebola milestone: "Health authorities in Sierra Leone released the country's last known Ebola patient from a hospital on Monday, a milestone that allows the nation to begin a 42-day countdown to being declared free of the virus that has killed nearly 4,000 people here."
* Baby steps: "Let's all give the world's quietest, tiniest 'yay' for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which last week began allowing women to register to vote in municipal elections for the first time. The change has been a long time coming: The late King Abdullah actually agreed the voting reform in 2011, but delayed its effect until this year."
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