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Tuesday's Mini-Report, 7.14.15

Today's edition of quick hits.
Today's edition of quick hits:
* Joe Cirincione's persuasive praise: "The deal just struck by Iran, the United States, and five other world powers in Vienna is a major victory for U.S. national security. It shrinks Iran's nuclear complex down to a token capability and wraps it in a permanent inspection and monitoring regime."
* Daniel Larison on the same deal: "This will limit Iran's nuclear program more effectively than a decade of sanctions and coercive methods ever did, and it makes Iran's acquisition of a nuclear weapon much less likely than any other available course of action."
* Another contraception win: "A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that an order of Roman Catholic nuns must comply with ObamaCare's birth control mandate, the likely end to a years-long battle over the rule. The Court of Appeals for the [10th Circuit] ruled that Little Sisters of the Poor, cannot receive a full exemption from the law's contraception rules because they 'do not substantially burden plaintiffs' religious exercise or violate the plaintiffs' First Amendment rights.'"
* Criminal justice: "President Barack Obama hopes to work with lawmakers across the aisle to reform the criminal justice system and its disproportionate impact on minorities. In a speech to the NAACP's annual convention in Philadelphia on Tuesday, the president is expected to call on members of congress to support a reduction in sentences the administration sees as overly harsh and disproportionately applied to minorities as well as work to help reduce the cost to tax payers to house prisoners."
* ISIS: "A Boston police captain's son -- reported to be mentally ill and obsessed with Islam -- has been charged in an ISIS-inspired plot to set off pressure-cooker bombs at college cafeterias, federal authorities announced Monday."
* A case to watch: "Days after South Carolina confronted its past and lowered the Confederate battle flag, North Carolina will grapple with its present-day rules that determine access to the voting booth. A federal trial opening in Winston-Salem on Monday is meant to determine whether recent, sweeping changes in the state's election laws discriminate against black voters."
* A wise reversal: "Leaders in Dent County, Missouri, are no longer planning to lower flags at the county courthouse to 'mourn' the Supreme Court's legalization of same-sex marriage, thanks to an overwhelming backlash from county residents."
* If pop signers were leading presidential candidates, this might be less foolish: "Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) said on Saturday he is concerned about the double standards being applied to presidential candidate Donald Trump and doughnut-licking, 'I hate America' pop singer Ariana Grande."
* Stunning: Cheers from hundreds of engineers, scientists and their families broke out early Tuesday morning at a laboratory in Maryland as NASA's New Horizons spacecraft finally reached Pluto after a [nine-and-a-half] year mission.
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