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Tuesday's Mini-Report, 6.9.15

Today's edition of quick hits.
Today's edition of quick hits:
* 5th Circuit: "Texas may enforce its law requiring that abortions only take place in mini-hospitals, a three-judge federal appeals court panel ruled Tuesday. The decision will likely leave only seven or eight abortion clinics in a state with 5.4 million women of reproductive age. If allowed to stay in place, the law would have by far the most devastating effect on abortion access of any law in recent history."
* Hastert scandal: "Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert pleaded not guilty Tuesday afternoon to charges he lied to the FBI about illegal bank withdrawals -- money he allegedly used as payoffs to keep sexual misconduct accusations under wraps."
* A big win for the EPA: "A federal court on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit by the nation's largest coal companies and 14 coal-producing states that sought to block one of President Obama's signature climate change policies."
* Another important breakthrough: "Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced at the Pentagon's Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Pride event on Tuesday that gay and lesbian troops will now be protected from employment discrimination. The Pentagon's equal opportunity policy will now cover LGBT troops."
* An important metric: "U.S. job openings surged to a record high in April and small business confidence perked up in May, suggesting the economy was regaining speed after stumbling at the start of the year."
* Bomb threat #1: "The White House press briefing room was evacuated mid briefing on Tuesday after a bomb threat was called into the Metropolitan Police Department. The Secret Service came into briefing room during White House press secretary Josh Earnest's daily briefing and asked the press corps to evacuate."
* Bomb threat #2: "Capitol Police have reopened several floors of the Dirksen Senate Office Building Tuesday after investigating a bomb threat."
* New Jersey: "The state Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that Gov. Chris Christie can slash billions of dollars in contributions from New Jersey's troubled public employee pension system. The court's ruling caps an intense fight for pension funding and deals a major blow to the state's labor unions, who challenged Christie's spending cuts. Christie had sought to dismantle the pension law, which he argued was unconstitutional."
* AMA: "The American Medical Association endorsed an end to non-medical exemptions for immunization, saying the nation's largest doctor group would throw its considerable lobbying clout behind state and national efforts to halt personal and religious exemptions from vaccinations for children entering schools."
* Kentucky: "Gov. Steven L. Beshear of Kentucky signed an executive order on Monday raising the hourly minimum wage for certain state employees to $10.10. The change, which angered state Republicans and drew praise from the governor's fellow Democrats, affects almost 800 employees, including those making the current hourly minimum of $7.25."
* Wise move: "The Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from Gov. Paul LePage of a lower court decision that requires Maine to continue to cover young adults under Medicaid. The state had challenged the requirement in Obamacare, saying it was unconstitutionally coercive."
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