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Tuesday's Mini-Report, 5.9.17

Today's edition of quick hits.
Today's edition of quick hits:* Terrifying: "Some 200 workers at the Hanford Nuclear Site in Washington state were ordered to 'take cover' Tuesday after a 20-foot section of tunnel containing 'contaminated materials' collapsed."* Syria: "President Donald Trump has approved a plan to arm the Syrian Kurdish militia -- an important U.S. ally in Syria in the fight against ISIS."* This is deeply offensive: "The Trump administration has begun hunting for evidence of crimes committed by Haitian immigrants as it decides whether to allow them to continue in a humanitarian program that has shielded tens of thousands from deportation since a devastating earthquake."* South Korea "elected Moon Jae-in, a human rights lawyer who favors dialogue with North Korea, as president on Tuesday, returning the nation's liberals to power after nearly a decade in the political wilderness and setting up a potential rift with the United States over the North's nuclear weapons program."* For those doing head-counts in the Senate on the House health care bill, Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) said he opposes the current American Health Care Act, adding, "We're starting over from a clean sheet of paper here."* What a fiasco: "When Jared Kushner's sister took the stage in two Chinese ballrooms over the weekend to urge investors to fund a New Jersey development through a controversial visa program, she mentioned her brother's role in the White House and displayed a photo of President Donald Trump.... What she didn't mention was that the project has suffered a slew of problems: the exit of its anchor tenant, the loss of millions in tax breaks and a curdling political relationship with the mayor of its host city."* Sinclair has a reputation for its conservative leanings: "The Sinclair Broadcast Group, already the nation's largest owner of local television stations, is adding 42 more in a $3.9 billion acquisition of Tribune Media. The result could be slightly friendlier coverage for the president in the nation's largest media markets, as well as in cities such as Cleveland, Greensboro, N.C., and Des Moines that represent key centers in battleground states."* What a deeply strange congressman: "The footage of Rep. Rod Blum (R-Iowa) walking out of an interview with an Iowa reporter is brutal. And it's going viral for a reason: In trying to protect himself from anger in this health-care debate, Blum just made himself a target of it."* Keep an eye on this one: "One hundred days after a Navy SEAL died during a raid on an al Qaida encampment in Yemen, the American Civil Liberties on Monday filed suit demanding that the administration make public documents explaining the legal basis for the raid and how it was planned and executed."* The anti-science campaign continues: "The Environmental Protection Agency has sidelined a website aimed at teaching schoolchildren about climate change, a public watchdog group has determined, as part of the agency's efforts to align online content with the new administration's values."Anything to add? Consider this an open thread.