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Tuesday's Mini-Report

<p>Today's edition of quick hits:* Resuming talks: "The global powers dealing with Iran's disputed nuclear program said

Today's edition of quick hits:

* Resuming talks: "The global powers dealing with Iran's disputed nuclear program said Tuesday that they had accepted its offer to resume negotiations broken off in stalemate more than a year ago."

* President Obama, not surprisingly, is still urging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to resort to military action against Iran.

* Torture in Syria: "A video aired by a British television station purporting to show Syrian patients being tortured in hospital appears to support increasingly grave allegations pointing to crimes against humanity, the U.N. torture investigator said on Tuesday."

* U.S. moves in Syria: "The Obama administration is moving to provide direct assistance to the internal opposition in Syria for the first time, marking a shift in U.S. policy toward a more aggressive plan to help oust President Bashar al-Assad."

* The White House unveiled a new refinance policy today, and at first glance, it looks like a pretty good idea.

* It's been tough to keep up with all of Rush Limbaugh's lost sponsors, but as of this afternoon, I think the new total is 33.

* R.I.P., Rep. Donald Payne (D-N.J.).

* Is 8% unemployment by Election Day a possibility? An AP survey of leading domestic economists points in an optimistic direction.

* Dr. Mila Means is trying to fill the vacancy left by Dr. George Tiller in Kansas. That's proving to be exceedingly difficult.

* And finally, it's oddly difficult to stop watching Newt Gingrich fall asleep on camera. In this case, this clip was taken before Gingrich spoke at the AIPAC conference via satellite.

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