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Tuesday's Mini-Report, 4.30.19

Today's edition of quick hits.

Today's edition of quick hits:

* The crisis in Venezuela is intensifying: "Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó on Tuesday called for mass anti-government protests and military defections, announcing what he termed the 'final phase' in an operation attempting to remove President Nicolás Maduro from office."

* Making matters a little worse for those seeking asylum: "President Trump on Monday ordered new restrictions on asylum seekers at the Mexican border -- including application fees and work permit restraints -- and directed that cases in the already clogged immigration courts be settled within 180 days."

* Erik Prince: "Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said Tuesday that he will make a criminal referral to the Justice Department for Blackwater founder Erik Prince, claiming that he lied to Congress."

* I guess Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi isn't dead: "On Monday, he reappeared, leaning on a cushion with an assault rifle at his side, in a video seeking to rally his followers after the loss of the group's territory in Iraq and Syria and its execution of one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in years, on Easter in Sri Lanka."

* Gag rule: "House Democrats moved Monday to block a new Trump administration rule aimed at restricting health-care providers from promoting abortions. Democrats included language in a newly released spending bill that would prevent the rule -- termed a 'gag rule' by critics -- from taking effect, although it was already stayed by a federal judge."

* The NRA tries to find its footing: "The National Rifle Association's board spent Monday huddled behind closed doors, capping off an annual meeting that has been plagued by a public power struggle, accusations of extortion and financial mismanagement and news that the New York attorney general is investigating the organization's nonprofit status."

* I find it remarkable that the Indonesian capital is sinking: "Indonesia is moving its capital city away from Jakarta, according to the country's planning minister.... Jakarta, home to over 10 million people, is sinking at one of the fastest rates in the world."

* It was quite hilarious to see Donald Trump call in to Fox Business Network's Maria Bartiromo's show for an interview, only to have Bartiromo struggle to end the conversation -- because the president obviously wanted to keep talking and had nothing else to do.

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