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Tuesday's Mini-Report, 3.22.16

Today's edition of quick hits.
Today's edition of quick hits:
* The latest from Brussels: "Belgian police searching for a suspect in the Brussels airport attack have seized a nail-packed bomb, chemicals and an ISIS flag in raids."
* President Obama delivered quite an address to Cubans today: "'I have come here to bury the last remnant of the Cold War in the Americas,' Obama said in an unprecedented speech to the people of Cuba, delivered at the El Gran Teatro de Havana and broadcast on the communist island nation's state-run television."
* The president also ordered U.S. flags to fly at half-staff to honor the victims of terrorism in Brussels.
* Decades, not centuries: "The nations of the world agreed years ago to try to limit global warming to a level they hoped would prove somewhat tolerable. But leading climate scientists warned on Tuesday that permitting a warming of that magnitude would actually be quite dangerous. The likely consequences would include killer storms stronger than any in modern times, the disintegration of large parts of the polar ice sheets and a rise of the sea sufficient to begin drowning the world's coastal cities before the end of this century, the scientists declared."
* The first 4-4 tie at the Supreme Court in a while, but probably not the last: "The Supreme Court on Tuesday issued its first evenly split ruling since the death of Justice Antonin Scalia: a decision in a minor banking case involving spouses who serve as guarantors for each other's debts."
* Remember, Republicans love local control, except when they hate it: "North Carolina lawmakers have called a special session of the state legislature for Wednesday to block a Charlotte anti-discrimination ordinance supported by gay and transgender groups."
* The "Smart on Crime" initiative has had tangible results: "Federal prosecutors are pursuing fewer drug cases and filing charges that trigger mandatory minimum sentences less frequently — two indications, Justice Department officials say, that former attorney general Eric Holder's initiative to reduce the prison population and enforce drug laws more judiciously has been a success."
* Ford was just 46 years old: "Rob Ford, the boisterous, hard-partying and scandal-plagued former Toronto mayor whose battle with a rare abdominal cancer forced him out of the 2014 election race, died Tuesday, according to a family statement released by his office."
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