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Tuesday's Mini-Report, 2.23.16

Today's edition of quick hits.
Today's edition of quick hits:
* Zika virus: "Fourteen more people may have caught the Zika virus in the U.S. without traveling to affected zones, federal health officials said Tuesday -- strong evidence that the virus is sexually transmitted fairly often. Some of those suspected of having been infected sexually have been pregnant women, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says."
* Louisiana: "At least four destructive tornadoes were reported Tuesday in Louisiana as a volatile storm moved through the South.... Three other tornadoes damaged homes and uprooted trees across the state, according to the National Weather Service."
* Reid has a legitimate point: "Sen. Harry Reid on Tuesday warned that Sen. Chuck Grassley will go down as the 'most obstructionist' Senate Judiciary Committee chairman in history for denying a hearing to a Supreme Court nominee from President Obama. The Democratic leader said Grassley (R-Iowa) would eclipse chairmen of the panel during the 1960s who blocked civil rights legislation."
* ISIS: "Libyan fighters are celebrating a major victory on Tuesday: They've driven ISIS out of parts of Benghazi, eastern Libya's largest city, building on advances in and around the city on Sunday. ISIS isn't just losing in Benghazi. In its home base in Syria and Iraq, it's lost up to 30 percent of its territory from its peak in August 2014."
* Iraq: "Kurdish special forces rescued a teenage Swedish girl from Islamic State-controlled territory near the city of Mosul, officials said on Tuesday."
* Guantanamo: "The White House declined to say whether President Barack Obama would pursue executive action to close the military prison at Guantanamo Bay on Tuesday, blaming members of Congress for their unwillingness to consider the proposal."
* And on a personal note, today is an anniversary of sorts: I started blogging exactly 13 years ago today, which seems rather hard to believe. No matter how long you've been reading, thanks for all the support and encouragement.
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