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Tuesday's Mini-Report

<p>Today's edition of quick hits:* Rumor has it today is Election Day.* Iraq: "A blast at a military base north of Baghdad killed

Today's edition of quick hits:

* Rumor has it today is Election Day.

* Iraq: "A blast at a military base north of Baghdad killed more than two dozen people on Tuesday, but there were conflicting accounts of what caused the explosion."

* Post-Sandy voting isn't easy: "New Jersey's emergency experiment with email voting hasn't fared well. One election official described it as a 'catastrophe' and voters are complaining that computer glitches are blocking their last-minute efforts to obtain electronic ballots."

* Speaking of New Jersey, tensions between Gov. Chris Christie (R) and the Romney campaign aren't going away: "New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Tuesday lashed out at 'know-nothing, disgruntled' Romney staffers who he said were the sources of reports he turned down Mitt Romney's request to campaign in Pennsylvania on Sunday."

* Rick Hasen shares a scary-but-true thought about the election results: "If it's close in Ohio, we could be waiting two weeks before we know."

* Talking to reporters earlier, President Obama thanked his family, friends, and supporters this morning, before congratulating Mitt Romney "on a spirited campaign."

* Great voting story #1: a man dies, gets resuscitated, and immediately asks, "Did I vote?" Told by his wife that his health is what matters, the man replied there are two things important to him: "That I love you and that I finished what I came here to do ... vote."

* Great voting story #2: "A Chicago mom-to-be didn't let being in labor stop her from doing her duty as a citizen on Election Day."

* All of Chrysler's employees had Election Day off. It was part of a contract agreement struck several years ago, much to Republicans' chagrin.

* And there's nothing quite like Rush Limbaugh, trying to express outrage, reading Jay-Z lyrics at length on the air.

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