Tuesday's Mini-Report, 12.6.16

Today's edition of quick hits:* It's hard to know for sure if this claim is true: "President-elect Donald Trump sold all his shares in companies in June, his spokesman said Tuesday, a move that could have created a cash windfall as he ramped up to begin a costly general election presidential campaign that at the time he claimed he would personally support with 'major contributions.'"* More on Boeing tomorrow: "President-elect Donald Trump threatened to cancel Boeing's order for the new Air Force One in a Tuesday morning tweet, citing high costs. In a surprise appearance in front of reporters at Trump Tower after sending the social media message, Trump expanded on his latest target for negotiation."* Carrier keeps ending up in the news: "Carrier Corp., the maker of air conditioners that was persuaded by President-elect Donald Trump to abort plans to close a U.S. factory, is increasing prices to stay competitive as higher costs weigh on the industry."* Buckle up: "Iran's president fired a warning shot at Donald Trump Tuesday, cautioning the President-elect that he would not allow him to 'tear up' Iran's landmark nuclear deal with world powers."* Wells Fargo: "The bank has sought to kill lawsuits that its customers have filed over the creation of as many as two million sham accounts by moving the cases into private arbitration — a secretive legal process that often favors corporations. Lawyers for the bank's customers say the legal motions are an attempt to limit the bank's accountability for the widespread fraud and deny its customers their day in open court."* Rep. Katherine Clark's (D-Mass.) "Presidential Accountability Act" seems like a good idea: "President-elect Donald Trump's intention to separate himself from his companies is not good enough to avoid conflicts of interest, according to a Democratic lawmaker whose bill would require the billionaire to make the break official."* Really? "United Airlines just announced a new ticket option called 'Basic Economy,' banning the use of overhead bins for luggage. So now you're stuck with either paying for a checked bag, or paying for a more expensive ticket to bring it on the flight with you."Anything to add? Consider this an open thread.