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Tuesday's Mini-Report, 11.17.15

Today’s edition of quick hits.
Today’s edition of quick hits:
* Paris: "French authorities are scrambling to find a second fugitive directly involved in the terror attacks in Paris, officials told The Associated Press on Tuesday, in addition to another known accomplice who remains the subject of a global manhunt."
* Germany: "A soccer match between Germany and the Netherlands Tuesday night was abruptly called off before the game could begin because of a 'potential threat to spectators,' police said. Authorities, however, cautioned that no explosives were found and no arrests were made in the latest potential plot putting Europe on edge following Friday's wave of attacks in Paris."
* Now that Russia agrees a Russian charter jet was brought down over Egypt by a bomb, Russian officials said "they were coordinating their military campaign with France in sharply ratcheting up attacks on Syrian territory, especially areas held by the Islamic State, the militant group that has asserted responsibility for destroying the Russian jetliner and for the spree of deadly attacks across Paris on Friday."
* ISIS: "The top U.S. military officer said Tuesday the U.S. had asked allies to take specific steps to increase the pressure against Islamic State in the wake of the Paris terror attacks."
* The latest in a series of identical findings: "After a four month long investigation, the Planned Parenthood affiliate in Washington State has been cleared of any allegations of wrongdoing or illegal activity... Washington now joins the list of many other states where investigations have fallen flat. However, these findings in Washington are particularly meaningful for one major reason: Washington is one of the only two states where the organization currently offers abortion patients the option to donate fetal tissue for medical and scientific research." [Disclosure: my wife works for Planned Parenthood, but played no role in this piece and her work has nothing to do with the affiliate in the state of Washington.]
* For some reason, Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) responded on Twitter to someone accusing him of racism by noting that he used to have an African-American roommate.
* Obama's probably right about this: "A presidential campaign against Donald Trump 'would've been fun,' President Barack Obama said in an interview published Tuesday."
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