Tuesday's Mini-Report, 10.31.17

Today's edition of quick hits:

* New York City: "At least six people were killed and a person was in custody after a truck apparently drove onto a bike path in lower Manhattan, according to authorities and witnesses. The incident was being investigated as possible terrorism, officials said." As I get ready to publish, there are new reports pointing to a death toll of eight.

* Important hearing: "Representatives for Facebook, Twitter and Google were grilled Tuesday by lawmakers following revelations that millions of Americans were exposed to Russian propaganda during the presidential election."

* Paul Manafort's fate: "President Donald Trump refused to answer a question Tuesday about whether he would be willing to pardon his disgraced campaign manager, clamming up and indicating he was done talking to the press."

* Trump-Russia: "President Donald Trump's longtime aide and current communications director, Hope Hicks, is scheduled to speak with special counsel Robert Mueller's team in mid-November, following the president's trip to Asia, multiple people familiar with the schedule told POLITICO."

* NAFTA: "Perhaps no industry has more deeply embraced the benefits of the North American Free Trade Agreement since it went into effect on Jan. 1, 1994. That helps explain why automakers and auto parts suppliers have become some of the fiercest and most vocal opponents of the Trump administration's plan to renegotiate, and even demolish, NAFTA."

* Afghanistan: "The American military command in Afghanistan has decided to keep secret key figures related to the growth and progress of local security forces, redacting the numbers at the behest of Afghan officials from the latest report by the government's watchdog for spending."

* This seems oddly late: "The White House announced Tuesday that it's releasing official portraits of President Trump and Vice President Pence to be hung in thousands of government offices nationwide — nine months after they were sworn in."

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