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Tuesday's Mini-Report

Today's edition of quick hits:* The State Department isn't pleased with moves like these: "In a new affront to the Palestinians on the eve of resumed peace

Today's edition of quick hits:

* The State Department isn't pleased with moves like these: "In a new affront to the Palestinians on the eve of resumed peace talks, the Israeli Interior Ministry's final approval of nearly 900 new apartments in a contested part of Jerusalem has been officially published, Israeli news media reported Tuesday. It was the second move by Israel since Sunday to advance housing construction in areas that the Palestinian side wants for a future state."

* Voter suppression in North Carolina: "Two lawsuits were filed today challenging the voting restrictions as racially discriminatory in federal court under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. A third challenge, to the voter ID provision, will be filed in state court tomorrow morning."

* DOJ: "This is surprising news: The U.S. Department of Justice and several states just sued to block the proposed merger of American Airlines and US Airways, arguing that the new $11 billion airline would reduce competition for commercial air travel in key markets."

* San Diego: "Out of therapy and now taking personal time, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner released a statement through one of his attorneys late Monday in reply to a recall effort to remove him from office.... 'Now is not the time to go backwards,' his reply begins. The message ends by saying, 'As your Mayor, I am committed to moving San Diego forward!'"

* The Air Force Academy has its first female superintendent: "Maj. Gen. Michelle Johnson formally took over the academy's top job Monday with pomp and circumstance but little fuss about the milestone. She's the first woman to be superintendent at any of the three best-known academies, Army, Navy and Air Force."

* Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen devoted his entire column today to complaining about Hillary Clinton lacking a 2016 "message." Perhaps now would be a good time to remind the Beltway that it's 2013 and campaigns that don't exist don't have "messages."

* Reports that North Korea claims to have produced its own smartphone are just so ... sad.

* He just can't stop talking: "Rep. Steve King (R-IA) launched another attack against immigration reform Monday evening at a 'Stop Amnesty' rally in Richmond, Va., saying immigrants from Latin America would bring violence to the U.S."

* Time for a new category of conspiracy theorists: golf truthers. After photographers caught President Obama missing a putt during his vacation, Fox News' Greta Van Susteren insisted the moment was "all staged and choreographed," adding, "This is not spontaneous." Help me out: presidents like to be seen missing putts? I seem to have misplaced my Fox-to-reality decoder ring.

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