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Tuesday's Mini-Report, 5.19.20

Today's edition of quick hits.

Today's edition of quick hits:

* The latest White House factual error: "A British medical journal Tuesday rebutted claims by President Donald Trump that the World Health Organization had consistently ignored reports of the virus spreading in China in early December, including ones featured in its publication."

* Flynn case: "Michael Flynn asked an appeals court on Tuesday to intervene in his case, and to take the case away from a district court judge who, so far, has resisted the Justice Department's request that its prosecution against Flynn be dismissed."

* Oh my: "As states across the country relax stay-at-home orders and people return to more normal routines, some researchers worry about a spike in vaccine-preventable diseases in addition to the coronavirus's spread."

* The committee vote was 8 to 7: "Texas congressman John Ratcliffe (R) took a step closer to becoming President Trump's top intelligence adviser on Tuesday, after the Senate Intelligence Committee voted along party lines to move his nomination to the full Senate."

* Following up on a story from yesterday: "The Oregon Supreme Court stepped in late Monday to put a hold on a dramatic decision by an eastern Oregon judge that declared 'null and void' all of Gov. Kate Brown's 'Stay Home Save Lives' coronavirus emergency orders."

* The arrival of Associate Deputy Attorney General Michael Sherwin: "Attorney General William P. Barr has installed a new top deputy at the federal prosecutor's office in Washington, raising concerns that a key U.S. attorney's office handling multiple investigations that are of interest to President Trump is becoming further politicized."

* The results of Jair Bolsonaro's approach to governance: "The mayor of Brazil's largest city, Sao Paulo, has said its health system could collapse as demand grows for emergency beds to deal with coronavirus cases."

* State Department Inspector General Steve Linick's ouster is effective in 30 days, but he's "been told that he is physically barred from returning to the State Department even to collect his belongings, complicating his ability to finish his work, said a U.S. official who like others spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal policies."

* The announcement from late yesterday: "Sen. Marco Rubio will be the acting chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, taking the place of Richard M. Burr, who stepped down at least temporarily amid an investigation of his stock transactions."

See you tomorrow.