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Tuesday's Mini-Report, 3.3.20

Today's edition of quick hits.

Today's edition of quick hits:

* The latest death toll: "Nine deaths have now been reported in Washington, the only state so far with coronavirus fatalities. The majority have been in King County. One person died in Snohomish County. All are near Seattle."

* This is the first emergency cut since 2008, and that cut was in response to a global crash: "The Federal Reserve announced an emergency rate cut Tuesday in response to the economic impact of the coronavirus spread, trimming the nation's benchmark borrowing rate by half a percentage point."

* The latest from Tennessee: "At least 22 people were killed, several others injured and tens of thousands of households and businesses left without power when a tornado struck parts of Nashville and central Tennessee early Tuesday, officials said."

* CDC: "The coronavirus has found a crack in the nation's public health armor, and it is not one that scientists foresaw: diagnostic testing."

* HHS: "Even as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention takes blame for testing delays that may have led to hundreds of Americans being infected with the coronavirus, officials inside the health agency and the White House are increasingly pointing the finger at one leader: Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, who they say failed to coordinate the response, as agency chiefs waited for instructions that came too late and other deputies were largely cut out of the process."

* A Taliban leader, recently released from an Afghan jail, declared today, "Even if we don't say that the U.S. is defeated in Afghanistan, it is an open secret now that they are defeated."

* Data by way of the Kaiser Family Foundation: "In our January tracking poll, more than half (59%) of Medicare for All supporters didn't think Medicare for All would require people to give up their employer-based insurance; 34% knew it would."

* Oh my: "Media observers got into it on Tuesday over The Daily Caller's addition to Facebook's list of outlets approved to 'Check Your Fact' on articles."

See you tomorrow.