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Tuesday's Mini-Report, 3.2.21

Today's edition of quick hits.

Today's edition of quick hits:

* Extraordinary: "President Joe Biden said Tuesday the U.S. will have enough vaccines for every adult by the end of May, two months earlier than the administration previously estimated."

* I guess they missed the CDC warning from yesterday: "The governors of Texas and Mississippi both announced on Tuesday they would be lifting their states' mask mandates and rolling back many of their Covid-19 health mandates, just one day after the CDC warned against complacency in the face of emerging coronavirus variants."

* Russia: The U.S. and the European Union announced coordinated sanctions on Russia Tuesday for the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and his arrest and detention that followed.

* Texas: "The chairwoman of Texas' utility regulator resigned on Monday in response to a growing bipartisan backlash over widespread power outages during one of the worst winter storms there in a generation."

* Allen Weisselberg: "State prosecutors in Manhattan who are investigating former President Donald J. Trump and his family business are sharpening their focus on the company's long-serving chief financial officer, asking witnesses questions about his dealings at the company, according to people with knowledge of the matter."

* Cabinet news, Part I: "The Senate voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to confirm Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo to serve as President Joe Biden's commerce secretary and help guide the economy's recovery during and after the coronavirus pandemic. The vote was 84-15."

* Cabinet news, Part II: "The Senate voted Monday to confirm Miguel Cardona as education secretary, clearing his way to lead President Joe Biden's effort to reopen the nation's schools amid the coronavirus pandemic. Cardona, 45, a former public school teacher who went on to become Connecticut's education chief, was approved on a 64-33 vote."

* Afghanistan: "The United States wasted billions of dollars in war-torn Afghanistan on buildings and vehicles that were either abandoned or destroyed, according to a report released Monday by a U.S. government watchdog."

* I know this is obscure, but it matters: "Offering a warning to Republicans on judges, [Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin] said he would reserve the right to end their ability to block district court nominees through the arcane 'blue slip' process — which allows senators to bless or blackball nominees from their home states — if he concluded that they were obstructing nominations without legitimate grounds."

* A good idea, which faces long odds: "Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., rolled out a wealth tax bill on Monday with two House Democrats, aimed at raising trillions of dollars to help finance investments in infrastructure, clean energy and other Democratic priorities."

See you tomorrow.