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TRMS is going to law school

Here's your chance to have your Trump investigation legal quandaries addressed.

We are doing something special on the show Friday.

Pretty much every day, as we gather as a show to try to decipher the day's latest news, we end up wishing we had a lawyer handy to help clarify the latest developments in the Trump Russia scandal.

Well! For Friday night's show, we are bringing in some heavy legal firepower to help us understand the kind of potential legal jeopardy the White House might be worried about right now after the Michael Flynn guilty plea.

Are there matters of law or legal procedure that you have questions about when it comes to the special counsel and the White House? Are there things that have happened thus far in the special counsel's investigation that seem to make sense only to people who have gone to law school, and you would like to understand them, too?

Here's your chance to join us in accessing some of the best legal minds in the country on this subject without incurring any billable hours for doing so.

Email your questions to us at Send us your questions about the law and the courts and a president's rights when it comes to this White House and the Mueller investigation. We cannot promise that we will pose your question on the air, but we will get to some of them.!