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Thursday's Mini-Report, 9.10.15

Today's edition of quick hits.
Today's edition of quick hits:
* Refugees: "The United States will welcome at least 10,000 refugees from war-torn Syria in the next fiscal year, the White House announced on Thursday, representing a near seven-fold increase over the 1,500 refugees accepted on American soil since the civil war broke out in the Middle Eastern country over four years ago."
* A nickname takes root: "The White House on Thursday expressed confidence that the Iran nuclear agreement will take effect, despite a last-ditch effort by House Republicans to oppose it... [White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest] dismissed a complicated legislative scheme set up by House Republicans to derail the agreement known as 'the Tortilla Coast gambit,' named after a Capitol Hill restaurant popular with conservative lawmakers."
* Hate crime in the Chicago area: "Darien police say they are conducting a hate crime investigation after a Sikh man said he was called a 'terrorist' and 'Bin Laden,' and then punched in the face."
* New York: "Internal affairs detectives are investigating claims by former tennis professional James Blake that he was thrown to the ground and then handcuffed while mistakenly being arrested Wednesday at a Manhattan hotel, police said."
* Arizona: "A bullet pierced the side of a tractor-trailer on a Phoenix freeway Thursday, and police said they were treating it as the 11th attack in a string of shootings over the past two weeks that have terrorized drivers. The governor pleaded for the public's help earlier Thursday, and authorities said they could be dealing with more than one gunman."
* Worth watching: "Stung by years of criticism that it has coddled Wall Street criminals, the Justice Department issued new policies on Wednesday that prioritize the prosecution of individual employees -- not just their companies -- and put pressure on corporations to turn over evidence against their executives."
* Homo naledi: "A newly discovered early human ancestor could have used tools and may have even figured out how to bury its dead, scientists said Thursday -- a find they said was 'unlike anything that we have seen' in the fossil record."
* We all have our limits: "On his radio program today, [Glenn Beck] let loose on just about everything and everyone, including Sarah Palin, who also spoke at the Iran rally, calling her a clown and declaring that he is embarrassed that he ever supported her."
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