Thursday's Mini-Report

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Today's edition of quick hits:
* I'll have much more on this in the morning: "House Republicans released a set of broad "standards" for immigration reform Thursday that would allow many undocumented immigrants to 'get right with the law' and live legally in the United States if they meet a set of stringent requirements and if tough border security triggers are met."
* Russia: "The United States informed its NATO allies this month that Russia had tested a new ground-launched cruise missile, raising concerns about Moscow's compliance with a landmark arms control accord."
* Afghanistan: "With billions of dollars in American aid increasingly flowing straight into Afghan government coffers, the United States hired two global auditing firms three years ago to determine whether Afghanistan could be trusted to safeguard the money. The findings were so dire that American officials fought to keep them private. But the money has continued to flow."
* Syria: "The Obama administration said Thursday that only 4 percent of Syria's most dangerous chemical weapons had been removed from the country, and accused President Bashar al-Assad of dragging his feet on complying with the international agreement to eliminate the arsenal."
* Georgia: "Gov. Nathan Deal on Thursday took responsibility Thursday for the state's slow response to a snowstorm that left people stranded for more than 24 hours on gridlocked interstates, and his top emergency management official said flatly: 'I got this one wrong.'"
* Air Force: "The number of nuclear missile launch officers under investigation for allegations of cheating has ballooned to 92, the Air Force said Thursday."
* Boston Marathon Bombing: "The Justice Department has notified a federal judge that it intends to seek the death penalty if a jury convicts Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for last April's bomb attacks at the Boston Marathon."
* Will the House follow? "The Senate voted 67-32 Thursday to pass a bill that delays flood insurance rate increases. Passage was expected because several Republicans co-sponsored the bill introduced by Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.). But it's unclear whether Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) will bring the legislation to the floor."
* I don't much care about the Academy Awards, but there's an interesting story lurking on the Oscar nomination for "Alone Yet Not Alone."
* And Media Matters takes another good look at the Sunday shows: "Want to know if women's representation in media is improving? Here's one indication it's not: the percentage of female guests on the Sunday morning broadcast political talk shows is the same as it was five years ago."
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