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Thursday's Mini-Report, 7.17.14

Today's edition of quick hits.
Today's edition of quick hits:
* Gaza: "Israel began a ground invasion into the Gaza Strip on Thursday night, saying it would target tunnels that infiltrate its territory after cease-fire talks failed to de-escalate the air war that has raged for 10 days."
* Surface to air: "A Malaysia Airlines jetliner with 295 people on board was shot out of the sky by a surface-to-air missile Thursday as it cruised over a hostile region of Ukraine, U.S. officials told NBC News."
* Governing with a broken Congress is hard: "How can a president fix more roads and bridges without any new money to spend? President Obama's answer on Thursday was to announce new initiatives to encourage private-sector investment in the nation's infrastructure, including the creation of a 'one-stop shop' at the Department of Transportation to forge partnerships between state and local governments, and public and private developers and investors."
* Wildfires in the Pacific Northwest: "Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber on Wednesday declared a state of emergency in response to a rash of wildfires burning in steep, rugged terrain across the state."
* Christie scandals: "An aide to Gov. Chris Christie says she texted him her thoughts about testimony on the closure of traffic lanes near the George Washington Bridge but later deleted the messages. The aide, Regina Egea, testified Thursday before lawmakers who continue to probe the lane closures, which appear to have been politically motivated."
* Climate: "President Obama announced a series of climate change initiatives on Wednesday aimed at guarding the electricity supply; improving local planning for flooding, coastal erosion and storm surges; and better predicting landslide risks as sea levels rise and storms and droughts intensify."
* Obviously the right call: "A top Justice Department official on Thursday brushed aside GOP requests for a special prosecutor to investigate the IRS's treatment of Tea Party groups, saying the evidence didn't warrant such an appointment."
* GM: "General Motors' top lawyer came under withering attack from senators on Thursday at a hearing investigating the automaker's failure to recall millions of defective small cars for more than a decade."
* I bet John Oliver had something to do with this: "The Federal Communications Commission has received more than 1 million comments on its plans for new regulations on Internet service providers."
* Hey, look, bipartisanship: "The Senate voted 93-4 Thursday to extend a terrorism insurance program that business groups say provides a critical backstop in the event of a catastrophic attack. The bill would extend the program, which was created in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, for seven years."
* Todd Akin apparently can't stop talking.
* Good for her: "Fox News host Greta Van Susteren sharply criticized Fox News correspondent Todd Starnes for 'very bad taste' over tweeting petty attacks on the president in response to the deadly crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17."
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