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Thursday's Mini-Report, 5.9.19

Today's edition of quick hits.

Today's edition of quick hits:

* North Korea: "The U.S. has seized a North Korean freighter that was caught shipping coal in violation of U.N. sanctions, the Justice Department revealed Thursday.... Federal prosecutors said the seizure marks the first time the U.S. has taken possession of a North Korean ship for violating international sanctions."

* He laughs so infrequently: "At his rally in Panama City, Florida Wednesday night, President Donald Trump was riffing on immigration when an audience member interjected with a suggestion on how to stem the tide of migrants crossing the border. 'Shoot them,' he said. Trump paused his remarks, chuckling along with the crowd."

* Speaking of Florida: "Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law Wednesday a bill that will allow school districts in Florida to arm teachers."

* Seems fair: "Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter for Donald Trump's bestselling book, The Art of the Deal, tweeted that he would be fine if the book was 'taken out of print' or 'recategorized as fiction' after the New York Times detailed Trump's $1.2 billion in business losses from 1985 to 1994."

* "Sorcery" is one of those words we just don't hear much in the 21st century: "A Republican Texas state lawmaker responded to a top vaccine scientist's tweets about vaccination exemptions by accusing him of 'sorcery' on Tuesday."

* Convenient timing: "A settlement in a seven-year legal battle between the House and the Justice Department over records related to a gun-running investigation known as Operation Fast and Furious was publicly announced Wednesday just as similar clashes continue to intensify between the House and Trump administration."

* Trump really likes Bolsonaro: "President Donald Trump said he will grant special military status to Brazil, making it a 'major non-NATO ally' in a move to boost cooperation."

* Sounds about right: "Author and journalist Bob Woodward said the nation is in a "governing crisis" and it's because of President Donald Trump."

* When the co-founder of Facebook says it's time to break up the social-media giant, it's worth taking note.

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