Thursday's Mini-Report, 5.7.15

Today's edition of quick hits:
* More on this in the morning: "The Senate voted to give lawmakers a chance to weigh in on any nuclear deal the White House seeks to hammer out with Iran -- a measure that requires President Barack Obama submit any agreement struck between that nation and world powers to Congress."
* A risky proposition: "The United States has begun training Syrian forces to fight ISIS, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said Thursday. Carter said that about 90 Syrian fighters had begun their training, and he said a second group would begin training in the next few weeks. He called it "critical and a complex part" of U.S. efforts to fight ISIS."
* Baltimore: "Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch said Thursday that she will decide "in the coming days" whether to launch a federal investigation into the possible use of excessive force and other civil rights violations by the Baltimore Police Department."
* Am I keeping an eye on British elections? I really am.
* Middle East: "The Pentagon says that U.S. Navy warships are no longer accompanying American and British-flagged commercial vessels through the Strait of Hormuz at the mouth of the Persian Gulf."
* A bit of a surprise on fast track: "Washington Sen. Patty Murray is breaking with the rest of the Senate Democratic leadership over trade legislation. The bill puts Murray in a tough spot because most congressional Democrats oppose it, but trade is vital to her home state's economic interests."
* Be afraid: "Average global levels of carbon dioxide stayed above 400 parts per million, or ppm, through all of March 2015 -- the first time that has happened for an entire month since record keeping first began, according to data released this week by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)."
* New York: "Frustrated by his inability to persuade lawmakers in Albany to raise the statewide minimum wage, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo says he will try a different approach to raise the pay of thousands of fast-food workers."
* Not a good sign: "[Afghanistan] is still so dangerous that the Pentagon has banned members of Congress and their aides from traveling there this summer, U.S. officials told The Daily Beast."
* Good for him: "Nine months after President Barack Obama ordered airstrikes on Islamic State terrorists, U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine will make a floor speech today berating his colleagues for avoiding a vote on the undeclared war."
* Another one? "Career Education Corp., a for-profit college chain, said it will close or sell all of its career colleges following financial losses and a federal regulatory crackdown."
* The "Photographing the President in 50 States" includes some great photos, but I'd recommend scrolling down to the shot from Indiana. It's just crying out for a caption contest, isn't it?
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