Thursday's Mini-Report, 5.28.15

Today's edition of quick hits:
* Breaking news late this afternoon: "The Justice Department has indicted former House Speaker Dennis Hastert on reporting evasion charges and lying to the FBI as part of an effort to pay off victims of 'prior bad acts.'" I'll have more on this in the morning.
* Silly people and their conspiracy theories: "Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the United States of meddling in FIFA's affairs and hinted that it was part of an attempt to take the 2018 World Cup away from his country."
* Speaking of the Russian autocrat: "The deaths or wounds of Russian soldiers in 'special operations' can be classified as military secrets, even in peacetime, President Vladimir V. Putin decreed on Thursday. The decree comes as Russia faces accusations that it is sending its soldiers clandestinely to fight in Ukraine, an allegation the Kremlin denies."
* FIFA: "Sepp Blatter, the president of world soccer's governing body, acknowledged the 'unprecedented and difficult times' for his organization on Thursday and said it must do a better job of policing itself, but he largely avoided taking responsibility for the actions of 'a tiny minority' arrested in a corruption inquiry this week."
* Baltimore: "A 31-year-old woman and a young boy were shot in the head Thursday, becoming Baltimore's 37th and 38th homicide victims so far this month, the city's deadliest in 15 years."
* IRS: "The FBI has opened an investigation into the recent data breach at the Internal Revenue Service, CNBC has learned Thursday. The FBI said that people contacted by the IRS should take the necessary steps to monitor and safeguard their online presence and information. Any suspicious activity should reported to the FBI at"
* A tough year for Senate staffers: "Known as a fixture on Capitol Hill until his January 2010 retirement, longtime Senate staffer Robert Lee Foster is now making headlines for his alleged involvement in a scheme to defraud vulnerable women for approximately $500,000."
* Trolling at a ridiculous level: "Politico magazine on Thursday published an op-ed by conservative writer Rich Lowry of the National Review bearing the headline: '#SomeBlackLivesDontMatter.'"
Anything to add? Consider this an open thread.