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Thursday's Mini-Report, 5.25.17

Today's edition of quick hits.
Today's edition of quick hits:* The U.K. isn't happy: "President Donald Trump on Thursday called the alleged intelligence leaks following the Manchester Arena bombing 'deeply troubling' and ordered the Justice Department to find out who was behind them."* I guess the "Joementum" didn't last: "Former senator and Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Lieberman withdrew himself from consideration to be the next director of the FBI on Thursday, saying his work with an attorney President Trump has retained to represent him in the Russia investigation would be a potential conflict of interest."* One of them can brag about large, supportive crowds: "Thanks to an awkward coincidence, President Trump is in Brussels at the same time as predecessor Barack Obama is in Berlin. These two trips are certainly offering contrasting views of the United States' relationship with Europe."* The Speaker of Israel's parliament said "a proposal that Donald Trump would speak before the Knesset during his visit to Israel was scrapped over fears that the American president would be interrupted and heckled by some lawmakers."* The result of a two-month probe: "A Pentagon investigation has found that more than 100 civilians were killed after the U.S. dropped a bomb on a building in Mosul, Iraq, in March. The probe found that the U.S. bomb triggered secondary explosions from devices clandestinely planted there by ISIS fighters. And the military says the secondary blasts caused the concrete building to collapse."* Trump World: "A top Mar-a-Lago employee is also working for the government to help prepare for President Trump's visit to Taormina, Italy, for the G-7 Summit -- an unconventional arrangement that further blurs the line between the president's business empire and the White House."* Virginia: "Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) pardoned an undocumented mother of two on Wednesday for a years-old conviction for driving without a license in the hope that it will help spare her from deportation. But the fact that she is no longer defined as a criminal might not matter to the Trump administration."* The swamp is not being drained: "A former Trump campaign aide has registered to lobby on behalf of a foreign government, and public records suggest she is flaunting her ties to the president."* I'm starting to wonder about Giuliani's credibility: "Former New York Mayor and Trump ally Rudy Giuliani denied on Monday that he had any official role in writing President Donald Trump's executive order barring travelers from majority-Muslim countries."* We haven't seen Trump do that weird power-handshake thing lately, but the move was clearly evident again today.Anything to add? Consider this an open thread.