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Thursday's Mini-Report, 3.19.15

Today's edition of quick hits.
Today's edition of quick hits:
* Unimpressed: "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel on Thursday tried to walk back his pre-election declaration that no Palestinian state would be established on his watch, but his new assertions appeared to do nothing to assuage an infuriated Obama administration."
* Climate crisis: "In his ongoing effort to combat climate change both at home and abroad, President Barack Obama signed an executive order on Thursday to reduce the federal government's greenhouse gas emissions by 40%."
* Iran: "Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday said that negotiators were still grappling with difficult issues in the talks on limiting Iran's nuclear program, but that they had made some headway."
* Tunisia: "Tunisian authorities arrested nine people Thursday in connection with a terrorist attack that killed or wounded dozens of foreign tourists at a renowned museum, an assault for which the Islamic State militant group claimed responsibility."
* Yemen: "Intense clashes erupted Thursday in southern Yemen between forces loyal to the beleaguered president and the Shiite rebels whose assaults have pushed the Arabian Peninsula country into chaos."
* House GOP budget: "House fiscal conservatives took the upper hand -- for the moment -- Thursday in their struggle with Republican defense hawks for control of the GOP's 2016 federal budget proposal. After 24 hours of uncertainty and stops and starts, the House Budget Committee voted along party lines, 22-13, to send a leaner spending plan to the House floor for a vote."
* Another veto on deck: "The House voted Thursday to scrap a rule from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) that would speed up union elections."
* Martese Johnson: "Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe on Wednesday called for an investigation into the arrest of a black college student that left him bleeding from the head and sparked campus protests."
* Texas: "Businesses and officials in Austin, Texas, want to identify the culprit behind offensive stickers plastered on at least six shops this week. The labels, slapped on various storefronts, say: 'Exclusively for white people. Maximum of 5 colored customers, colored BOH (Back of House) staff accepted.'"
* Mississippi: "A black man was reportedly discovered hanging from a tree in Claiborne, Miss. on Thursday, sparking a local and federal investigation into the death. Port Gibson Sheriff Marvin Lucas told local station WJTV that authorities discovered the man hanging on Old Rodney Road. Both Mississippi law enforcement and the FBI have opened investigations."
* Missouri: "A Missouri man allegedly made plans to shoot President Obama and solicited help from a former Aryan Nation member to carry out his plot, according to federal charges filed Tuesday in Jefferson City, Missouri."
* Clarifying: "President Obama was not calling for a law when he floated the idea of mandatory voting, the White House said Thursday. 'The president was not making a specific policy prescription for the United States,' press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters.
* Someone should probably let Senator Snowball know: "Federal records show that this winter and the first two months of 2015 were the hottest on record globally, with a chilly U.S. East sticking out like a cold thumb in a toastier world."
* Sadly predictable: "Republicans haven't confirmed a single one of President Barack Obama's judicial nominees since taking control of the Senate in January. In total, there are 16 judicial nominees waiting in the Senate. Nine of them haven't moved at all since being nominated in early January or early February."
* The latest in a long line of "Oh, Ron Fournier, why?" moments.
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