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Thursday's Mini-Report

Today's edition of quick hits:* The Senate Intelligence Committee was plenty eager to ask John Brennan, President Obama's choice to lead the CIA,

Today's edition of quick hits:

* The Senate Intelligence Committee was plenty eager to ask John Brennan, President Obama's choice to lead the CIA, all kinds of questions this afternoon. Expect plenty of coverage on tonight's show.

* Reducing gun violence: "House Democrats unveiled a 15-point plan to address gun violence Thursday, capping weeks of deliberations within their caucus and with groups for and against stricter controls on the flow of weapons. A group chaired by Rep. Mike Thompson (D-Calif.) -- a combat veteran and gun owner -- settled on a 15-point plan that largely mirrors proposals put forth last month by President Obama and Vice President Biden."

* A stunning story out of Los Angeles: "A massive manhunt was under way Thursday for an ex-LAPD cop suspected of murdering at least two people and seeking to kill many others including police officers and their families on a vengeful rampage."

* Hadiya Pendleton: "Michelle Obama plans to attend the funeral for a Chicago high school student killed last month in a shooting a week after performing for President Obama's second inauguration."

* Syria: "The Pentagon's top leaders testified Thursday that they favored supplying weapons to rebels engaged in a civil war with the Syrian government, something the White House has resolutely opposed."

* Diversity matters: "One of President Obama's two nominees Thursday for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Todd M. Hughes, would become the first out gay appeals court judge in the country, if confirmed by Congress."

* Until June, the junior senator from Massachusetts: "Vice President Biden swore in William "Mo" Cowan as senator from Massachusetts Thursday.... Cowan's swearing-in makes him the eighth African-American senator in U.S. history."

* Worth watching: "Representative Aaron Schock, Republican of Illinois, may have improperly solicited a $25,000 donation last year from the House majority leader for a political group seeking to oust incumbent Republicans, an ethics report released Wednesday says."

* Greg Sargent reports on the Dems' balanced sequester plan: "I'm told Senate Dem leaders are not looking at offering just revenues, but are actually looking to offer Republicans a compromise proposal that includes a mix of new revenues and specific spending cuts, in order to avert the sequester. In other words, Senate Dems will not just propose new revenues; they'll propose new specific spending cuts, too, rather than just let Republicans propose them."

* VAWA still on track: "The Senate rejected a GOP substitute to the Violence Against Women Act on Thursday. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) proposed an amendment to S. 47 that would have addressed his concerns about violations to constitutional rights and wasteful spending. His substitute failed on a 34-65 vote."

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