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Thursday's Mini-Report, 2.14.19

Today's edition of quick hits.

Today's edition of quick hits:

* I'll have a whole lot on this in the morning: "President Donald Trump plans to declare a national emergency as Congress moves to pass a government spending deal that would provide further funding for border security, the White House announced Thursday."

* He'll be officially sworn in today: "The Senate on Thursday voted to confirm William Barr as attorney general, 54-45."

* In related news: "As William Barr, President Donald Trump's attorney general nominee, awaits a Senate vote to confirm his move to the top of the Justice Department, his daughter and son-in-law, both Justice Department employees, are on their way to different jobs."

* Details from last week's physical: "President Donald Trump is in good overall health, although a 4-pound weight gain since last year puts him into the obese category, according to a memo from the White House physician on Thursday."

* A strike we've been keeping an eye on: "Denver's first teachers strike in 25 years will come to an end after a record-setting, all-night bargaining session produced a new compensation deal shortly before dawn Thursday that labor leaders say will help better retain the district's educators."

* The Tennessee Valley Authority ignored Trump's legally dubious lobbying: "An independent federal agency announced that it would close two coal plants, including one that buys its fuel from one of President Donald Trump's campaign contributors, despite public pressure from the president to keep it open."

* Hmm: "U.S. retail sales in December suffered their worst decline in nine years, according to Commerce Department data released Thursday, a potential red flag for economic growth."

* I guess we should've seen this coming? "Ryan Zinke, who resigned as interior secretary last year amid scandal, is teaming up with Corey Lewandowski, President Donald Trump's former campaign manager, to work as senior advisers at Washington lobbying firm Turnberry Solutions."

* Noted without comment: "President Donald Trump has had a room-size golf simulator installed in the White House, several sources confirmed to NBC News. It cost $50,000, according to The Washington Post, which cited two people who told the paper about the system."

Anything to add? Consider this an open thread.