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Thursday's Mini-Report, 11.8.18

Today's edition of quick hits.

Today's edition of quick hits:

* I know some folks who'd probably donate their ribs to her: "Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been hospitalized for three fractured ribs after she fell in her office at the Supreme Court Wednesday night. Ginsburg, 85, went home after the fall, but then went to George Washington University Hospital on Thursday morning after experiencing discomfort. Tests showed that she fractured three ribs on her left side and was admitted to the hospital for observation and treatment."

* 9th Circuit on DACA: "A federal appeals court on Thursday upheld a lower court's temporary order preventing President Donald Trump from ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program."

* This keeps escalating: "The ongoing battle between the White House and CNN reporter Jim Acosta took another turn Wednesday night after press secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted out a video that CNN later claimed was manipulated to make it seem as if Acosta was aggressive toward a White House aide."

* The election may be over, but that's no reason to stop caring about reports such as these: "If the defining risk of Election Day 2016 was a foreign meddling, 2018's seems to have been a domestic overload. High turnout across the country threw existing problems -- aging machines, poorly trained poll workers and a hot political landscape -- into sharp relief."

* There are plenty of rumors along these lines: "President Donald Trump is seriously considering naming Janice Rogers Brown, a retired D.C. circuit judge and former California Supreme Court justice who is well-liked in conservative circles, his next attorney general, according to a person familiar with the situation."

* Fox News' Jason Chaffetz, a former chairman of the House Oversight Committee, complained on the air yesterday that House Democrats "have an insatiable desire to investigate" Donald Trump. I appreciate ironic humor as the next guy, but c'mon. Does he not remember his insatiable desire to investigate Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?

* Remember this guy? "Disgraced former Texas Congressman Steve Stockman will serve 10 years in federal prison for conspiring to bilk at least $775,000 from conservative foundations that intended the donations for charities and voter education."

Anything to add? Consider this an open thread.