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Thursday's Mini-Report, 10.15.15

Today’s edition of quick hits.
Today’s edition of quick hits:
* Tick tock: "The Treasury Department has moved its deadline for Congress to raise the nation's borrowing limit to Nov. 3, giving lawmakers even less time to prevent a possible default on the nation's debt."
* New drone allegations: "The controversial U.S. drone strike program in the Middle East aims to pinpoint and kill terrorist leaders, but new documents indicate that a staggering number of these 'targeted killings' affect far more people than just their targets. According to a new report from The Intercept, nearly 90 percent of people killed in recent drone strikes in Afghanistan 'were not the intended targets' of the attacks."
* Pakistan: "The Obama administration is exploring a deal with Pakistan that would limit the scope of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, the fastest-growing on earth. The discussions are the first in the decade since one of the founders of its nuclear program, Abdul Qadeer Khan, was caught selling the country’s nuclear technology around the world."
* Cameroon: "President Obama on Wednesday said he had ordered 300 troops to Cameroon to work with West African soldiers seeking to counter the Nigerian extremist group Boko Haram."
* The result of no inflation: "Tens of millions of seniors will see no annual cost-of-living adjustment in their Social Security checks in 2016, the government said Thursday, unwelcome news that also will flatten benefit payments for retired federal workers and service members."
* Serious fraud allegations: "A frequent guest on Fox News claimed he worked 27 years for the CIA but in fact never worked for the agency, according to a federal indictment announced Thursday. Wayne Shelby Simmons was arrested following his indictment by a federal grand jury for fraud, accused of lying about his employment at [the] agency, the U.S. Attorney's Office of Eastern Virginia announced."
* We live in the future: "With one over-the-air update Wednesday night, Tesla Motors has brought a new breed of self-driving car to American roads."
* Expect a new round of complaints from the right: "Justice Sonia Sotomayor has presided over the same-sex wedding of the owners of a Washington consulting firm that focuses on Hispanic and gay rights issues."
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