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Those who sign the back of checks

<p>Time for a pop quiz.</p>
Those who sign the back of checks
Those who sign the back of checks

Time for a pop quiz. I'll give you a quote, and you guess who said it.

"Romney types, of course, are the ones who sign the front of the paycheck, and the Obama types are the one who have spent their entire lives signing the back of them."

Guessing the person who said this might be tough, so instead, consider the speaker's motivations. Was this quote intended to be complimentary towards President Obama or Mitt Romney? Was the quote uttered by a liberal or a conservative?

In this case, the line came from Michelle Malkin, a far-right media figure who appeared on Fox News over the weekend and shared these words of wisdom (via Steve M.).

To be sure, there are plenty of political provocateurs, who tend to say strange things in public in order to get attention, and who are generally better left ignored.

But I nevertheless found this quote remarkable. Since when do conservatives go on national television to mock the working class? I suppose the point of the argument is that wealthy captains of industry are writing large checks in support of the Republican candidate, so the rest of us should necessarily be impressed, but like Romney's comments last week on "free stuff," it's the kind of tone-deaf, hyper-elitist pitch that may not resonate given the larger economic circumstances.