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The Koch Brothers don't like to lose.
What you get when you go to
What you get when you go to

The Koch Brothers don't like to lose. Not one little bit.

All along, America's favorite liberal-hating, democracy eroding, billionaire tag team, were stout supporters of Wisconsin's Republican Governor Scott Walker and all his good works.

But instead of just buying their way to victory, the KoBros encountered fierce opposition from Wisconsinites who had the crazy idea that the middle class should be entitled to bargaining rights. But… but… but!!! No Fair!

So, in order to stem this frightening tide of unauthorized thought, especially on the Web, the KoBros, always eager to encourage the common folk's right to participate in the political process, have bought up these Internet domain names: and

Oh, very clever, Brothers K, but I think you may have forgotten to lock up these domain names: WaaaaaaaWeAreThe

Got any more domain names? Please post them below (but keep them PG-13 please.)