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The Whiskey Skin

The Whiskey Skin is a variation on a hot toddy.

The Whiskey Skin is a variation on a hot toddy. This recipe from David Wondrich's great book, "Imbibe!"


  • Water
  • Sugar (White sugar, demerara sugar -- depending on what you like)
  • A lemon
  • Scotch (Good, scotchy scotch; a single malt, a good peaty one if you can get it, like Ardbeg from Islay)


Start by setting the water to boil. You want a heat proof mug.

Wondrich calls for about a teaspoon of sugar. Rachel likes a little less than that. 

Then, you want a looooooong thin piece of lemon peel.

If you're following the recipe properly, you just drop the peel in there. The Rachel Maddow variation is to murder the peel a little bit with a muddler, using the sugar as an abrasive to really work the lemon oil out of the peel.

Add two ounces of scotch to the lemon peel and sugar.

Pour in the boiling water, then just stir once...

Drink... and fall asleep.