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The Week in Geek

Who knew the Golden Gate Bridge was so multifunctional?

Who knew the Golden Gate Bridge was so multifunctional? Also who knew it could move 16 feet?!?

There might not be an astronaut shortage if NASA had only accepted my application back in 2002.

The science of saving lives just got easier with a device that can detect the molecules expelled by someone breathing, trapped beneath the rubble. Also, there is such a thing as the Journal of Breath Research. I might have buried the lede on that one.

Check out these five iconic science graphics that you grew up with and are WRONG.

Math plays an important role in commemorating the victims of 9/11.

NASA's Earth Observatory satellite captures the impact of the run-off from Irene as it reaches New York Harbor.

Humans and Neanderthals had sex!

Speaking of now extinct species, I can't stop watching this animation that shows how a T-Rex sits down. It makes me giggle.

Have a great and geeky weekend!