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The 'Watch' page is best for searching video in the new design

People looking for video will find greatest satisfaction in the search tool on the Watch page

As we settle into this new space, we're beginning to flesh out the right column with the resource links with which you've become familiar (see the giant new Cocktails button, for example).

But one link that we're bringing over has a replacement in the new system that is worth your time to learn. Even though the new MaddowBlog has the video player built into the top, the Watch page will likely be preferable to you for finding clips, even if you're not searching but just like being able to see more than three at a time.

Just so we're clear, the Watch page means that giant word "Watch" up at the top of all of the new pages.

On that page, below all the show banners are three pull-down menus. When you set the show to Maddow, it displays all the most recent Maddow clips down below. The menus themselves are pretty self-explanatory so I won't take up space writing them all up. The only thing that isn't quite solid yet is the custom date range search. So for that you may want to refer to the old video archive by date until the fix is rolled out.