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The Ron Paul newsletters, line by line

<p>MORE HAITIANS?&quot; lobbed into your Twitter stream.</p>

As a sort of Happy Holidays to the world, @RP_Newsletter is tweeting highlights of Texas Congressman Ron Paul's spectacularly racist newsletters from the 1980s and '90s. The result is an oddball reanimation of the skeleton in Representative Paul's closet.

It's one thing to see those newsletters stacked up one after another, as they were recently on Mr. Destructo. It's another to have "[headline] MORE HAITIANS?" lobbed into your Twitter stream. You can't really hide the ugliness of that, any more than you hide from it.

@RP_Newletter has not quite 1,400 followers at present, which makes you still ahead of the curve.

(h/t @DLoesch and @Daroswene)