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The incredibly racist 'Tea Party Comix'

("Tea Party Comix," issue three, as found and posted by Comics with Problems.)

("Tea Party Comix," issue three, as found and posted by Comics with Problems.)The question of whether the Tea Party is racist -- is! -- is not! --- keeps hitting our national funny bone, and not in a funny ha-ha way, either. Just ask Shirley Sherrod, or for that matter, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.Back when Sherrod was still a somewhat obscure USDA official and Vilsack majored in not saying much, Comics with Problems -- our new favorite website -- began posting the "Tea Party Comix," a kinda crazy, photocopied production featuring President Obama as Sambo. Racist, certainly. Really, actually from a Tea Party supporter? Not known.Ethan Persoff of Comics with Problems tells us he picked up the first two edition of "Tea Party Comix" from an "enthusiastic Tea Partier in Corpus Christi." The seller apparently meant to reach customers in a gas station. Adding: He got the second edition through eBay.Now Persoff's got issue three of "Tea Party Comix." He writes that he found it in his mailbox "in an envelope so stiff and reeking of cigarette smoke that we're concerned it's flame retarded." Also, in addition to the comic's being patently racist and utterly offensive, Persoff says, it's "actually pretty good." Much of the third edition consists of parodies of classic covers. Persoff points to this take on an old Spider-Man, with President Obama as the Vulture:We still don't know who's creating these things. We're actively searching. If you've got any clues, please let us know. We want to meet this person.[Comics with Problems]