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The Friday Awesome

It's a great day here at the Friday Awesome!

It's a great day here at the Friday Awesome! When life gets you down, just remember what the dance floor tiger lady says: "I was already wearing tight pants…I just did not activate them."

The crazy music the kids are into these days—feh!

No coach, you don't have to break dance, please don't… aw geez…

I predict this guy will make fewer predictions.

Mirrored shades? Check. Skynyrd on the 8 track? Check. An engine-load of prime American Muscle? Triple check…

Memo to self: Build gigantic enigmatic sculpture

Like my rock hard abs? Then you'll love my new high tech ninja underpants.

Swiss Miss Miss Swiss

And finally, dude, pass the nachooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend everybody!