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The First in the South Democratic Candidates Forum

Rachel Maddow moderates a forum with the three Democratic candidates for president

Below are all of the clips comprising the First in the South Democratic Candidates Forum moderated by Rachel Maddow on Friday, November 6, 2016 at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina, hosted by the South Carolina Democratic Party and 12 other Southern state Democratic parties.

Martin O'Malley:

O'Malley on whether Democrats can wrest the South back to blue

Not everything in O'Malley's closet practical

O'Malley on America's use of military power

Martin O'Malley channels his younger self

Bernie Sanders on the reach of liberal issues

The biggest misconception about Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders on gun rights, voting rights

Bernie Sanders offers a lesson to his younger self

Hillary Clinton on the influence of Wall Street on politics

Clinton likes hush puppies in her Hush Puppies

How hawkish is Hillary Clinton?

Clinton sees the roots of a life in public service