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That's a joke, son

<p>Mississippi Democratic Representative – and wiseacre -- Steve Holland was fuming over the way Republicans&#039; wasted valuable time on symbolic posturing.<
That's a joke, son
That's a joke, son

Mississippi Democratic Representative – and wiseacre -- Steve Holland was fuming over the way Republicans' wasted valuable time on symbolic posturing. So, to illustrate, Holland proposed renaming the Gulf of Mexico the Gulf of America. You want posturing? I'll show you posturing -- that kind of thing.

Holland explained, "I didn't do it to be funny but more so to give a parallel of how insignificant are the issues that this far right crowd is pushing as their primary agenda." Didn't matter — social media went off. Rename the Gulf of Mexico?!?! But...but...but!!!!

This post, highlighted by the satire-savvy Jackson Free Press, was typical: "If this bill passes the legislature and is signed into law, perhaps it is time to rename the Mississippi River. After all, sharing a name with a state that wants to rewrite maps out of disdain for Mexicans would be a disgrace to the rest of the nation."

As Foghorn Leghorn used to say, That's a joke, son. But maybe Rep. Holland is onto something -- what if we DID change the name? Here's one idea from commenter Dan Wiener on our Facebook page:

Better THAT than the "Gulf of BANK of America!"

Or, what about the Gulf of Corporate Infallibility. Or Operation: Enduring Hydration. Mr. Shrimpy's Playhouse? The Southeastern Conference Lap Pool? The Gulf of Stay Out, Land-Based Mammals? The Wet Zone, brought to you by Gatorade? Sea-PAC?

Put on your thinking caps everybody -- it's time to re-brand that body of water to our south. We'll post the winners on Monday.

(Big thanks to the Jackson Free Press for debunking the national media's first take on this one.)