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'Tag 'em & bag 'em' at the Beck rally

Merchandising at the Glenn Beck rally

Merchandising at the Glenn Beck rallyAli Davis of spent a month watching Glenn Beck on Fox before going to his rally this weekend in Washington, D.C. Davis sends these pictures and writes:

Beck flacked the "Leave the signs at home; bring your kids" theme for the entire month-plus that I watched the show. He said it was to keep things about unity and spiritual values, but it sure did also keep people from playing "Look at the Goobers" and associating them indelibly with his nice, shiny event. Whether or not they bought the "bring your kids" part -- I didn't see many -- the crowd was hip to the P.R. aspect of it. Beck's been telling his viewers over and over that the elites think they're stupid and just want to mock them. There was a guy ahead of us on the walk to the Mall from the Metro who was carrying a large cross with a big plastic Jesus on it, and a photographer kept moving in to try to get a good shot. "Why did you take five pictures of one guy?" another man in the crowd challenged him, "Because you want to show the nuts, right!?"

They are Americans for Prosperity. So are these billionaire Astroturfers.More pics from Davis after the jump, including the LaRouche guys who went fishing for joiners along the path to the rally.[Ali Davis on]

The white flag with the cannon reads, "Come and get it."

Supporters of Lyndon LaRouche set up away from the main event and worked rally-goers on their way in.

The less smiley side of LaRouche politics.