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Statement from Joey Allaham regarding his relationship with Qatar

And clarifying his role in the case between Elliott Broidy and the nation of Qatar

Joey Allaham provided this statement to The Rachel Maddow Show about severing his ties with the nation of Qatar and the documents he has been subpoenaed to provide in a lawsuit brought by Republican fundraiser Elliott Broidy against Qatar in which Broidy is accusing Qatar of hacking and disseminating his e-mails.

When I started my work with Qatar, there was no fixed start date, no written contract, and their attorneys never told me whether I had to register with FARA

So I don’t know if I ever was a so-called legal agent of Qatar, but I do know that as of Friday I am not anything with them.

So I am filing a combined FARA registration and termination report – it may not be required but I want the public record to be clear that I am no longer affiliated with them.

The Broidy case and ending my work for Qatar are not related. I had planned for a while on announcing my resignation this Friday. The Broidy case sped up faster than a lot of people thought, so it’s a coincidence the two things are happening in the same week.

And I am just a witness in that case – that case is a fight between two big parties: Mr. Broidy and the Country of Qatar, and not me. Since I’m just a witness, I’m not really taking sides - I am just producing records the judge required.