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Sometimes a Nazi is just a Nazi

(Outer Banks Voice photo.)

(Outer Banks Voice photo.)So, there's this situation in Ohio with Republican Rich Iott who used to enjoy dressing up in an SS uniform. Iott has insisted he's not a Nazi or anything, he just wore the uniform in World War II re-enactments, and anyway the SS isn't the same thing as the Nazi party and they were fighting the Commies, etc. It's caused him some trouble, but not enough to keep House Minority Leader John Boehner from campaigning for him. And it's caused me to coin McKinney's law: if you have any desire to run for public office ever, do not ever speak of Hitler in any context, and stay away from any and all versions of uniforms of any force fighting for the Axis Powers. They are not worth the trouble.Today's faux-Nazi news involves a Democrat, Tim Spear, a North Carolina State Rep. And it appears to be more of an embarrassing Photoshop fail than anything. Spear's campaign sent out a flier that was supposed to be all pro-military. But the soldiers pictured are Germans from World War II. Actually, they're not even real German soldiers. They are re-enactors! Leading me to McKinney's Law, part deux: when it comes to military insignia, get the help of an expert. Because you will get caught.