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Seasonal Affective Disorder Palliative Vol. 2

Welcome, winter haters.

Welcome, winter haters. In my second attempt to de-suckify the January gloom and cold, here's a sunny slice of feel good from Liam Neeson called The Grey...

I kid because I love. A way gnarlier idea is to check out the Volcom Pipe Pro surfing spectacular happening right now in Hawaii.

According to the Aloha Update:

Defending event champion John John Florence (see his epic shredding here) will head the field, joined by top international talent Josh Kerr (Australia), Bruce Irons (Hawaii, wildcard), Kolohe Andino (California), Tanner & Dane Gudauskas (California), Wiggolly Dantas (Brazil), Joan Duru (France), Balaram Stack (New York), and Hawaii chargers Ian Walsh, Dusty Payne, and Jamie O'Brien.

You had me at Wiggolly.

And the weather?

Air Temp: 81° F Water Temp: 78° FThis Morning's Surf Report: Surf down a bit from its peak yesterday but some great waves still rolling in. Pipe and Backdoor looking really fun this morning as both the right and lefts are going off. It is a little inconsistent but when the sets come in there is plenty of energy on tap.