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Saluting Scotland with a Cocktail Moment: Cameron's Kick

An unexpected mix of ingredients making for a delicious (and relevant!) drink

(Adapted from the 9/19 show transcript.)

In honor of Scotland doing the two most newsworthy things it could conceivably do and doing them both on the same day, and as a congratulations to UK Prime Minister David Cameron who could have lost his job as prime minister if the Scottish independence vote had gone the other way, here's how you make a classic drink called the Cameron's Kick.

I think we've made it once before, but it's perfect for this occasion.

It uses two kinds of whiskey, one from Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK: We're using an ounce of Bushmills delicious blended Irish whiskey.

And we're also using an ounce of a different kind of whiskey, from someplace else that is also (and still!) part of the UK: Famous Grouse is a nice blended Scotch whiskey.

So you have an ounce each of Irish and Scotch whiskeys.

Then you want a half ounce of fresh lemon juice.

And then -here's the kicker- it's the crazy French thing. It's almond syrup, which you can get more places than you'd think. The French call it orgeat. And since Mary Queen of Scots was raised in France and spoke French, when you add a half ounce of French orgeat almond syrup to this drink, you're still being very Scottish.

1 oz Irish whiskey1 oz Scotch whiskey½ oz fresh lemon juice½ oz orgeat syrup

Shake all that up with ice, strain it.

Garnish it with a twist of orange peel.

Et voila. The Cameron's Kick. To David Cameron's job. And to the Scots! And to St. Andrews! FORE!!