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Rove draws parallel between NAACP, Crossroads

<p>Poor Karl Rove is feeling picked on again.</p>

Poor Karl Rove is feeling picked on again. All he wants to do is receive millions in secret donations to lie about Democrats, without feeling aggravation about pesky concepts like "transparency" and "disclosure." Is that so wrong?

Ryan J. Reilly reports today that Rove's comically-dishonest American Crossroads is facing pressure from state treasurers, which want to make "hedge funds that manage state pension funds disclose donations" to super PACs, including, presumably, Rove's.

This predictably makes Rove feel like a persecuted victim ... along the lines of the NAACP in the segregationist South.

For those who can't watch clips online, here's what the former Bush/Cheney strategist presented as a defense for Fox News viewers:

"In the 1940s and 50s, a number of states attorneys general attempted to force a particular 501(c)4 to disclose its donors -- the purpose was to intimidate people into not giving to that organization."The group was the NAACP -- which is a 501(c)4 -- has a 501(c)4 and does not disclose donors. That effort failed, in fact a Supreme Court in a 1954 case general held the right of organizations like that not to make their donors' names public."Let's be honest what this is about. This is about a group of people on the left who have used this vehicle, 501(c)4, to run advertising and to run attacks on Republicans for years, who now object when Republicans began to duplicate their tactics and they want to intimidate people into not giving to these conservative efforts, and I think it's shameful. I think it's a sign of their fear of democracy, and it's interesting that they have antecedents and the antecedents are a bunch of segregationist attorneys general trying to shut down the NAACP. It goes to the base emotions and base philosophy behind most of this."

So, in Rove's little morality tale, he's the NAACP battling segregationists, and the liberals who don't want corporations using Rove to buy Americans elections are the white supremacists.

That Rove was able to say all of this with a straight face was not at all comforting. That Rove sees himself as some kind of victim is nearly as troubling.