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Playing the Chavez-Castro-Che card

<p>What does campaign desperation look like?</p>

What does campaign desperation look like? In Mitt Romney's quest to win Florida's 29 electoral votes, it looks a bit like this unannounced, Spanish-language ad that's been airing in Florida for the last week.

The Miami Herald, which filmed this clip from a television screen, provided this English-language translation of the attack ad, which has been aired in heavy rotation in Miami. To summarize, the Republican campaign is trying to connect President Obama to Hugo Chavez, Raul Castro's daughter, and an image of Che Guevara.

In August, Romney accused the president of making "personal attacks," adding, "Take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago and let us get about rebuilding and reuniting America."

I guess the Republican has changed his mind?

The ugly, red-baiting smear campaign isn't terribly surprising given the kind of campaign Romney has run this year, but what struck me as especially interesting is that the Romney campaign refused to provide a copy of the ad to the Herald, despite repeated requests.

In other words, Team Romney wants Latino voters to see the unannounced attack, but the campaign doesn't want to talk about it, doesn't want to help journalists report on it, and doesn't even want to put a copy online. Maybe they're embarrassed? It'd be appropriate under the circumstances.